Le Rose Bride - Danielle

Mar 3, 2020

What is your name? 

I am now Danielle Klingel but my maiden name was Danielle Turo.

Wedding date and location? 

November 2, 2019 at Middleton Place, Charleston, SC. 

How did he propose? 

At the time, Tom and I were dating for 10.5 years. We started dating when we were 15 years old and attended the same high school. We continued our relationship throughout all of high school and then, all of college. We went to colleges that were individually best for us, but we were over 600 miles away from each other. What they say is true...absence makes the heart grow fonder. After we graduated college we were still madly in love, but even more. 

Well, before Tom and I began dating in 2008, my grandparents passed away. Everyone always said they would have loved Tom. Well, Tom knew how close I was to them. They were everything to me. I spent so much time at their home in East Quogue on the bay; It was like my second home. 

On January 5, 2018 we got one of the biggest blizzards in NY. We had about 21+ inches of snow. Tom was planning the proposal for the next day at the bay by my grandparent's house, but he was going to have to shovel all that snow in order to get to the dock. Tom went to the bay after work with a shovel but my dad had already been there with a snow blower and plowed and salted the whole walk-way. On the morning of January 6th, my dad woke up early to plow and salt again since there was a lot of drift. My brother and his fiance were visiting from their home in the city and he told me he wanted to show her the bay since she had never been. We got ready for the bay and then “dinner” after. When we got there, it was a winter wonderland. Everything was covered in a blanket of snow (besides the wonderfully plowed walk-way) and the sun was setting over the bay. As we approached the dock there were lanterns lining the walk-way and I looked and Tom and said, “wow someone left all of their stuff here,” not even thinking what was about to happen. I was in denial. I had waited 10.5 years, I didn’t think this moment was actually happening. Tom looked at me funny and I immediately burst into tears. It then hit me...he was going to propose. We took a few more steps to the center of the dock and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the easiest question I ever answered. The love felt that day was indescribable. We then drove by my grandparents house and popped a bottle of champagne at the end of their driveway. It was our way of including them in our story. We got in the car and proceeded to “dinner” with my brother and his fiance. When we arrived, my mom and dad and his mom and dad and siblings were all there to celebrate. It was a day I’ll never forget. 

What was your goal for your wedding/ what was the most important aspect to you? 

There were a few goals for our wedding. For decor, I strived to have a soft romantic look- light colors, elegant fabrics, warm lighting, etc. For the overall feeling, I just wanted everyone (not just Tom and I) to feel loved. It’s so incredible to think, everyone that mattered most in our lives were all in the same place, at the same time, celebrating us. We wanted to make it a wedding that people would never forget.

How did you choose Le Rose for your wedding robes?

I had a really hard time finding robes that fit in my vision, but as soon as I came across the Le Rose website, I had a hard time picking something because there were so many beautiful options. I wanted something that fit in my color scheme (blush pink, gold, white), but I also wanted something with a pop of color. The robes that I selected were the perfect fit. Not to mention it had the beautiful piping along the edge. All of my girls loved the robes! 

What did you like the most about your Le Rose Robes? 

I loved all of the robes that I order from Le Rose (mine and my bridesmaids) but I fell in LOVE with my robe. It was stunning. When I tried it on, I didn’t want to take it off. I was actually sad the only people who would see me in it were my girls and my mom. I loved it so much that I wanted to show it off. It was the perfect combination of elegant and whimsical and exactly what I envisioned myself wearing the morning of my wedding.

What were some funny moment from the day? 

Some funny moments from our day included my Grandpa during the ceremony and the garter toss. 

Originally, my grandfather was supposed to officiate our whole ceremony but was diagnosed with the start of dementia and he is 89 years old, so this would have been quite difficult for him. However, I still wanted to include him in our ceremony. My Grandpa did a reading and then he proceeded to talk about my Grandmother, who he’s been with for 71 years. He lifted his cane in the air and proclaimed his love for her. It was funny and oh-so cute.

For the garter toss, we had a song from the movie Semi-Pro with Will Farrell. Tom didn’t ask for anything for the wedding but he did ask for this. The song is a joke but super inappropriate. When the song played, all of his friends went wild. They had all seen the movie and would joke around singing the song. They loved it. 


What was your favourite moment while getting ready in your Le Rose robes? 

I can’t pin-point a particular moment in my robe that was my favorite because I really enjoyed the whole morning. The morning of my wedding was perfectly calm. My bridesmaids and I were all comfy in our robes while we got our hair and makeup done, listened to girly music, munched on some food and drank champagne. It was so relaxing and yet so fun. I loved spending time with my bridesmaids and my mom- just us girls :) 

What wisdom or advice can you share to other Le Rose Brides?

Live in the moment. Before you walk down the aisle, stop, breathe, look around at everyone there who loves you and don’t forget to look ahead at your future husband. When you’re at the altar, take it all in. When your guests give you a hug, squeeze a little tighter and hold on a little longer. When you are dancing at your reception, enjoy every song, every weird dance move and every moment that has finally come together after weeks, months or years of planning. Embrace every second of your day, because there will never be anything else like it again. 


Photography: Aaron & Jillian Photography